Thursday, August 18, 2016

Only Photograph What You Love

Yesterday I took a long walk down to the Empire State Plaza and it was warmer than I thought it was going to be! I ended up having to take a quick cold shower when I arrived home to cool down and wash away all the sweat. Ick! 
I ended up taking my new-to-me Yashica Mat LM twin lens camera with me to get a few snapshots. I feel like I ended up overexposing most of them... but we'll see when I get them developed. 
 I definitely got quite a few double takes walking down to the Plaza. It's not really everyday that someone dresses like they're straight out of the 1950s here.
 Shirt & Daisy Brooch from Laura's Vintage
Sandals from Marshall's 
Yashica Mat LM from Craigslist
I'll make sure to post whatever photos come out well that I took on my long walk! Hopefully at least one comes out alright. 


  1. Yes! Film photography with a dual lens! My husband is obsessed! We have several of his works using a dual lens on our walls. Glad to see someone else is into it too.


    1. What I really wanted was a Rollei but they were a bit too much $$$ for me. So I found an ad for this camera on Craigslist and looked up reviews. Seems like a good camera of comparable quality to the Rollei I wanted, so I got it! Here's hoping my photos turn out well