Friday, November 14, 2014

My Oklahoma Trip!

Some of you might know that I went to Oklahoma to visit my mother last month around the time of my birthday. I met with a ton of my friends and family but sadly didn't meet up with everyone that I wanted because of limited time. 

My main activities were shopping and eating. I honestly didn't do anything else. Haha.

I bought all my vintage from Cheap Thrills (my absolute favourite vintage shop in Tulsa) and  the shoes were from Ross Dress for Less (I wish there was a Ross in Upstate New York). And my mom gave me the Silvertone radio and Starline suitcase!

I also bought some embroidery patterns and supplies from Owl&Drum.

Not to mention, I celebrated my 28th birthday while there and my chinese food takeout wished me a Happy Birthday. 

Sorry I haven't updated with a recent outfit post in a while. It's been terribly cold and I've been a baby about taking photos outdoors! But, I'll post more regularly soon. 


  1. Please, come back soon to publish your outfits ... I enjoy them very much!

    1. I will as soon as I am well! I've been sick since Thanksgiving and haven't been well enough to do anything. Sorry!