Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Kiss To Build a Dream On

Today I decided to walk down to the Enchanted Florist because I heard they had some bunches of lavender and I wanted to fill our apartment with that lovely scent because it's one of my absolute favorites (plus I want to do a watercolor study of it tomorrow). Luckily they had 4 bunches left!

Head scarf, belt and skirt from Laura's Vintage
Top from DollMeUpDarling
Shoes from TJMaxx

It was such a great day today weather wise that I couldn't let myself pass it up and hurriedly got dressed and headed out! Pearl got way more smiles and compliments than I did, which is as it should be. She's darn cute!

The Enchanted Florist is located on Columbia street just off Pearl street and it has the most beautiful store front ever.

While trying to take a photo of my bunches of lavender with Pearl while sitting on a bench in Tricentennial Park, I accidentally got my skirt completely wet from my flowers. So, I had to sit there for a bit to dry off and Pearl really enjoyed the view!

I eventually got a good photo with both Pearl and the lavender even though she much preferred to people watch than look at me.

Now I'm back at home with the windows and back door open to let the nice breeze air out the apartment.



  1. This is one beautiful dress! I really like how you styled it!