Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Walk to the Flea Market

Today was the opening day for the new Troy Flea Market and we went to check it out and I'm so glad we did! There were a handful of merchants there and I wanted to buy so many things.

My gorgeous husband indulged me in letting me snap a photo of him. 

There were quite a few booths with vintage clothing and vintage housewares.

This is Metropolis Vintage's booth and I ended up snapping up a scarf and two 1950s dresses. 
Such great prices that I only spent $33 for all of that! I'm glad I brought my measuring tape to make sure the dresses would fit. Also, if you spend more than $25, you can use your card.

Head scarf and belt from Laura's Vintage
Top from DollMeUpDarling
Scarf tied on purse from Troy Flea Market
Purse from TJMaxx
Shoes from Steve Madden 

I've been wearing these tops from Doll Me Up Darling so often because it's been so hot lately here in Upstate New York! And putting up my hair in a bun and throwing a scarf over it helps keep my hair off my neck while not having to sleek back my hair with a thousand bobby pins. Once it cools down here, I promise I'll have more variety in my outfits!


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