Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday, Pearl!

Pearl is seven years old today, which is pretty apt since it's National Spoil Your Dog Day!

We decided to have lunch with my husband, then afterwards I brought her to Petsmart (the only pet supply store around where my hubby works) to get her a couple of birthday presents. 

Here she is in her birthday hat that I made just for her. Lol!

I bought her two presents, one-a Kong toy that she immediately loved and two-a Martha Stewart Pets bunny. I especially got the Kong Marathon toy because she tends to eat chew toys whole when she should just slobber on it until it's gone. This seems to be working wonders and I love that I can get refills for it. She's currently chewing and slobbering all over it. I think this will be her new chew toy we set out when we go out without her!

I had plans to go out on a picnic blanket and read while she frolics outside, but it's simply too hot. She's enjoying her new Kong toy anyway! Haha


  1. Happy birthday Pearl! What a great day of celebration!

    1. I think she's had a pretty great day so far! She's currently snoozing on the sofa. <3