Thursday, August 7, 2014


I have been unduly stressing over what to write about in my first post. What is to be essentially a documentary of my life, I find it a bit scary to put it all out there for judgment.  

First and foremost, I'm a graphic designer. I design things for fun, for people, for friends. I even have a degree saying I'm qualified for the work! I photograph things. Some might say I'm a bit trigger happy, and I make some money taking pictures of vacation rentals, weddings, and other fun things (like my schnauzer, but I don't get paid for that unfortunately).

This little endeavor will show the progress of my fashion sense, life and career. My fashion sense has changed drastically from high school to college to post marriage. From the constant jeans and t-shirt wearing high schooler to the dress and funky tights wearing college student to the full on vintage glam wife, my style seems to be constantly changing. Right now I'm loving the 1940s-50s era in dressing, hair and makeup. But I used to always straighten my hair every day and wear flared jeans with graphic t-shirts until I finally decided that having my own style would be something I could strive for. And the 40s-50s vintage glamour really appealed to me in a way that it made me feel beautiful (which wasn't something I ever felt growing up).

Like my other social media, my schnauzer, Pearl, will make quite a few appearances. She's basically the princess of my life and is spoiled to no end (as it should be). We (my husband and I) adopted her when she was 4 years old and now she's turning 7 in four days! 

 And yes, we'll buy her presents and a special doggie treat for her birthday. We'll probably go to the park and have a picnic and all sorts of doggie shenanigans. 

This diary will be full of vintage clothing, my husband, my Pearl girl, a few weddings/photoshoots I'm proud of photographing, and other tid bits of knowledge a fashionista would love to hear about (not to mention great places to shop).


  1. Great intro! As always I'll love seeing all the Pearl pictures and the daily goings on! (From @jess_t_squishypig from Instagram)

    1. Thank you, girl!! Pearl will probably dominate this blog for sure. :P