Friday, August 8, 2014

My Pearl's TV

My schnauzer has a favourite spot in the apartment. In fact, we set up her fluffy bed right in that spot so she can leisurely sit and enjoy herself.

She even looks back at me if I don't go look with her and is extremely pleased when I stand beside her and look out with her. It's like the best thing in the world I can do and she often snorts (which sounds exactly like a doggie laugh) when I go over with her.

 All the dog figurines on the lamp next to her get to enjoy the view, as well. I mean, why make them watch the actual television all day? The window is so much more awesome.

And as a bonus, I'll add a photo that my husband was kind enough to take of my outfit yesterday where Pearl got to try to pose in!

peplum blouse-Marshall's  striped skirt-Asos similar hair scarf-Laura's Vintage

I wore this lovely outfit yesterday to meet up with a beautiful recent bride to drop off her edited photos of her wedding from this last Saturday! I'll make a separate post just for those!


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    1. She's ridiculously cute. Just now she wanted in my lap at the computer but her ulterior motive was to get me to sit on the sofa with her. :P