Sunday, August 17, 2014

Stormy weather yesterday.

Since it seemed like it was going to downpour at any time yesterday, I didn't bring along my camera to show you our progress of window shopping in the Capital District. My husband, Pearl and I ended up going to the Fort Orange General Store and walked around downtown Troy to look at a few shops (Henry Loves Betty, Dang! That's Cherry, and Market Block Books).

Out of the window shopping, we only bought local honey and dog poo bags that smell like mint even though I wanted to buy so much more. I saw a vintage blue hat with the sweetest pearl buttons for $25 that I wanted so bad. I promised not to spend anything there before going in, and I regretted saying it immediately upon going inside! And I wanted to buy all the doggie sweaters at Henry Loves Betty! She hand knits them and they're amazing. Next time I go over there, I'm getting one for Pearl.

In consolation, here's what I wore while shopping!

  Dress+bolero-DaisysVtgClothesLine belt-Target shoes-Payless forever ago

I have to say for the billionth time since I've had my hair cut, I'm loving my new Bettie Page bangs!



  1. Your dress is perfection! Loving the bangs as well.


  2. Great outfit! Your bangs look great..I can never seem to rock out bangs no matter how hard I try lol