Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Vintage family photos.

Even though I don't call as often as I should, I do love my Grandma. Sadly, since I have moved from Oklahoma to Upstate New York, I haven't been able to see my family as much as I would like. Plus, the avoidance of seeing my father over personal matters and indiscretions on his part, I haven't been able to see this side of the family in quite a while. I'll be remedying this later this Fall though.
I found these photos on my uncle's Facebook and thought they would be great to share with you all.

 My Grandma and her sister as children.


  My Grandma as a teenager.

My grandma's wedding photo.

 Everyone's Sunday best.

My Great Grandma Wilky.

My Great Grandpa Wilky.

My Great Grandpa with a few of my uncles playing dominoes.

My Great Grandma. <3

Ponca City, Oklahoma after a particularly bad snowstorm!

One of my uncles looking particularly adorable.
Also, I'd like to add that I found out that Lauren Bacall passed away yesterday at age 89. 

"[Katharine Hepburn] was much stronger, much more opinionated than I am or ever was, and it was considered attractive on her. But not on me. I don’t know. Maybe her Bryn Mawr accent was more appealing than mine."

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